Mixed Movement – Contact Theatre

Mixed movement is held at Manchester Contact Theater. The night involves complete and utter improvisation from dancers and music artist. In the first part of the performance i demonstrated a solo dance, by trying to dance with the music. The second half consists of a duet. I danced with a lady called Yalini Dream from America, she was really cool and had allot of charisma. If i where to do this dance again i think i would try to be freer in the way that i move, as dancing in that way with someone you don’t know can be hard and rewarding as long as you are open to expression of dancing. Its something i have to learn and get used to, but i believe it will improve my overall dancing. When i dance in this way i feel i have to create your own persona in order to handle the situation, for example to create a character the same way that an actor does. I believe this helps to unlock your potential.



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ECU – Animation

In this class i learned animation skills involving the software called Maya. The class, in theory was quite straightforward, as most of the time we followed tutorials written in a book. I found this class quite fun, although there would be times when i would stay up all night to finish work and would feel terrible the next day. Advantages of Maya is that it is a very malleable software, you can make anything if you have the patience and knowledge to do so. It allows different types of modeling such as polygons, Nurbs and a third one which i cant remember. Basically polygons creates the simple forms of the shape, which are easier to work with, then you can convert the polygons to Nurbs which smooth-ens out the shapes making the shape appear more organic.

A common problem for beginners using Maya s that they tend to use too many polygons in heir shape therefore it slows down the processing speed of the computer as it has to deal with the shapes complexity. It should be common practice to use the least as possible, which i did not do which caused my final piece to crash.

Rendering is a skill that needs its own manual in Maya as it is etremely hard to get different images to mesh perfectly with each other, i found myself tweeking every single plane so that could make it look half decent. I do think with more knowledge on this it would have been alot easier to work out how to render as i think i was doing it the long way.

A particualr problem in this class was that it was a lower level beginner class, so in order to differentiate from harder classes i beleive the tutor (Mr Godwin) tended to hold back information that would have proved useful. Its not a bad thing although students willing to hit the floor running would gain frustration at not being able to perfect their designs with higher level techniques, but as the saying goes, “All in good time.”

My work in particular was lost so these are the works of a fellow classmate Gary Jones who let me use his works as examples (Nice one Joey) i do not claim that these works are mine i am just showing them as example of what my work would have looked like.

train by Gary Jones

train by Gary Jones. following instructions from a book to create a 3D train. During this tutorial i learn how to batch duplicate and manipulate the shapes in a faster and effective way.

tea kettle by Gary Jones

By Gary Jones. Tutorial on meshes and Nurbs. Meshes would make it easier to manipulate largers surface of shapes with greatly distorting it. Turning vertices in numbers helps edit shapes from the least detailed being ‘1’ into the more detailed ‘3’ alowing you to perfect the shape more clearly than having lots of different vertices to mess with (vertices are the points that can be manipulated, the more points, the more detail, but the harder it is to control).

Hmpton Palace by Gary Jones

Hampton palace by Gary Jones. Final part of the project was to use everything we had learned and to put it into practice using our own imagination and reference to achieve this. This was fun although mine had way too many polygons and would not alow me to animate a camera through it, which was the very last project to complete.

In this class i achieved an ‘A’ grade which i was proud of.

Just want to say thanks to Gary Jones for being a good friend while i was in the states and allowing me to use his works as examples.

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ECU – Animation “Rough sketch tudor project”

For the final project we had to develop a tudor house within Maya these are some of the sketches that i drew as a basis for my final product. At the end of this project, we were asked to animate cameras through the castle, but my castle was so overly detailed that it could not handle it and kept on crashing. It was my fault in a way as i did not reduce the amount of polygons per section, although it would have helped greatly if my tutor would have told me this before hand

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New book “Cymatics”

I have finally purchased the book called “Cymatics” not had chance to read it yet but i am going to base my dissertation on it so i hope it proves to be useful. A second random note i have begun to write a story, so far the working title is “The Dud” more will come of this another time although i wont know extly what to do with my story after i finish it. (thats if i do of course ahhahaa).

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Caribbean Poster

My dad requested me to design a ticket for a Caribbean night he was co hosting. I used photo shop to create the image. When designing a poster i tend to locate images of reference then add in my own artistic knowledge and technique to make it how i want. My dads idea was to create a unique ticket, one that would make people feel honored to have. The way the ticket is designed is supposed to be folded up and the top section is supposed to be ripped off to go in a raffle.

Inspiration – The colours in the Caribbean always seem red, orange and yellow to me, therefore these colours stand out the most in the image. The curl at the bottom is supposed to represent waves. I did this so that the image would look a little bit more fantasy like, so that i could represent the actual night being out of this world. To put it into words its “The Caribbean with a twist.”

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ECU Sculpture – Sloss

To sum up this trip in a few words is KICK ASS. Sloss is one of the last remaining blast furnaces in America it consists of two huge furnaces that have now been turned into a national museum, everything about this site has the words haunted and creepy written all over it.  Some random facts about this place was that the average life expectancy for the person who tapped the furnace is only six months, it was the highest paid job but came with extreme risks, just to get a whiff of hot air from the furnace would cause people to pass out and fall into the molten metal.

The term pig iron derives from how the metal looks in the molds as it is poured in, they resemble sows suckling on their mothers, this iron would then be removed by workers while it was still hot, leaving it in to cool would make it harder to retrieve the metal, this job would break every rule of health and safety in any book, animals were not allowed to do it because it would be written down as animal cruelty, yet men were doing this. This iron would then travel to other factories to be made into other objects e.g tools and ammunition.

Sloss is where the iron Pour conference is held, all the surrounding states Universities gather their to learn and compete in pouring contests, not only this but to have loads of fun in the process , we were allowed to set up camp for the time we were there in the Sloss complex, there would be insane pitch black tunnels and creaky rusted structures, not to mention possibilities of tornadoes.

We get to pour our own molds there also, i got to tap, gather metal, remove slag, pour the metal and take loads of videos which you will begin to see throughout my blog especially  within the other sculpture section


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Poster Design

I recently designed a poster for a dance performance the them was jazz. I designed the image in photoshop, as my own reflection of this work i tend to not know when to stop when i create and image. i also need to hone my detail skills a bit more, if i don’t get in the photoshop mood i tend to feel sick and get agitated very easily. I finished the image and the person who i made it for seemed to be very happy with it.

I think i will try and get even better next time by practicing. The inspiration for this probably came from the images on the bottom floor of the RNCM where there are people playing instruments with visual auras of sound coming from them. i decided to play on this and develop the idea of music creating movement hence the people dancing within the music cloud. I guess its not too far from my study of cymatics.

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ECU – Screen Printing

Screen printing involves pushing ink through a screen which leaves a print on a desired material. To create different patterns or images parts of the screen can be blocked manually using a substance called screen filler, which does what it says on the tin.  he places where there are no screen filler can have ink pushed through them therefore you are able to create images. A more exact way of printing involves using something called photo emulsion basically it is a substance that dries with prolonged exposure to light so if the light is blocked it is possible to create images on the screen by just covering up areas on the screen. This process is much more exact and can achieve more realistic results than just using the manual application of screen filler.

There are different ways of applying ink also there is a technique called a double fountain where two colors are mixed together on the screen itself creating a graduated horizon, which can have a nice effect. Annoyingly i left most of this work in America which i am trying to track down.

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ECU – Animation

For this part of my study i learned how to animate using Maya, i was taught by Mr Godwin. The lesson was basically tutorials which were in a book, although this seems very boring i began to enjoy creating shapes using polygons etc. The last project was to create a Tudor house which took ages i got an A for this project although the type of file i saved it as can not be opened or seen unless i have Maya. I met very dedicated people in this course and i even joined the animation guild. The guild is basically people who want to take their animation further, it has its benefits as the guild organizes trips to travel to American animation companies etc. On in particular was called “Out of Our Minds studios”

The company create adverts and films, the trip was quite fun and proved to be educational.

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ECU – Illustration

Illustration was what it said on the tin i wish i had more time to do this aspect of ECU as i found i had no time for it, there was allot of talking and i could tell alot of my class mates had taken a far better and far more life drawing classes than i have. I enjoyed the company of these people although im not sure if i learned a whole lot in this class, i always felt far away from my usual drawing happy place. What it did teach me was probably the constant deadline there would always be loads of deadlines to keep you in shape, but being an exchange student and wanting to go out every day of the week it was very hard to find time to complete work.

Another pain in the butt was on my travels i misplaced my artwork from my illustration class which was a pain, i am now trying to track it down so that someone can send it to me. i only managed to take a photo of a few of them so i have lucked out on that one.

This is An illustration piece where you would scratch the first black layer to reveal the white under-layer. EX LIBRIS basically is Latin for “the library of,” we create create an image for our own imagination library.

This is a project that asked us to recreate the front covers of books in our own way This one was for the Stephen King book called “Cell.”

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